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  • Eisengerüste SUPERLUNGO 3001


    • Qualitative and functional specifications like the Superlungo
    • Rungs with deep non-slip lining placed every 30 cm between the uprights
    • Provided with internal aluminium ladder appropriate for moving small manual loads
    • All configurations include a two sectioned extendable rung ladder, model 3046/7+6, recommended for the base and the relative base floor to support the ladder
    • Work platforms and protective rails positionable every 30 cm. to allow the user to work in safety in every configuration of use
    • Work platform with anti-wind safety
    • Work platform provided with trapdoor, to allow the user to climb up from the inside, and regulation toe boards
    • Gold coloured galvanized protective section
    • Completely disassemblable
    • Secure and robust locking ratchets avoiding the use of bolts or screws
    • Product branding on every component
    • Anti-rusting qualityu galvanizing
    • Polyurethane wheels Ø 200 mm with crushproof and non-marking support band and brake
    • Configurations comply with UNI EN 1004 – Non anchored use


    A further upgrade of the Superlungo scaffold which takes shape in a more complete version. The Superlungo 3001 maintains all of the intrinsic features present in the Superlungo and adds to the previous configuration, a greater number of work platform complete with guardrails and regulation toe boards, all connected by convenient aluminium internal service ladders, built using the best quality components.

  • Aluminiumgerüste ALUPONT B74 QUICKLY


    • Made entirely in aluminium
    • Quick opening base section frame mounted onto beams reduced to only 6 steps, 1.90 m. allowing the scaffold to pass through conventional doors
    • Vertical ladder integrated with rungs positioned every 30 cm.
    • Robust round steps Ø 50.8 mm with non-slip knurling
    • Non-slip, waterproof work platform provided with trapdoor and wooden toe boards made from Finnish birch trees
    • Work platforms with wind resistance safety against accidental lifting
    • Diagonal brace lock into place automatically through use of die cast hooks
    • Automatic coupling of the vertical frame through use of stainless steel wrapp-around clamps
    • Quick connection of protection frame component
    • The “QCK ECON” and “QCKS 1” versions include “GT30” telescopic legs which are inserted in the base uprights providing an analogical screw levelling up to 35 cm.
    • Polyurethane wheels Ø 125 mm. with a crushproof support and non-marking support band and brake
    • Fewer components for a quick and easy assembly
    • The structure’s modulation is very flexible, allowing it to be changed quickly between the different configurations
    • Configuration complies UNI EN 1004 – No anchored use


    On demand: Available with wheels Ø 150 – 200 mm


    Derived for the ALUPONT B74 model, Quickly has been constructed from a 6 stepped base section in one foldable piece. Designed particularly for use in indoor environments, it passes easily through conventional doors and opens instantly.

    Positioning the work platform on the last step at 1.85 m from the ground complete with toe boards and the “MPB5” complete protection section, transforms it into a scaffold allowing safe and practical work at a height of 3.80 m.

    With the addition of two D20 diagonal cross-beams, QUICKLY can be used as a base section for the ALUPONT B74 scaffold and can extend itself up to a height of 9.07 m. in great safety and in compliance with European regulation UNI EN 1004.

  • Leitern V016


    • Trestle ladder
    • Fibreglass uprights, 95 mm. providing electrical insulation
    • Deep non-slip aluminium steps, 90 mm
    • Aluminium tool-holding tray
    • Ladder inclination: 68°
    • Non-close adjustable aluminium spreader bars
    • Reinforced lower sections for a rigid base
    • Feet made in an non-slide synthetic material


    A ladder specifically conceived for more enduring tasks. As the trestle and ramp are in fibreglass, the ladder provides electrical insulation in every working situation

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