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New products
  • Eisengerüste SUPERLUNGO HD


    • Qualitative and functional specifications as Superlungo
    • Traversini shoulder spaced every 30 cm. with deep grooved anti-slip
    • Plan work and placeable intermediate rails every 30 cm. to work safely in every configuration of use
    • Work with safe anti-wind
    • Working with the hatch of way for the ascent from the inside and toe clips regulations
    • Span protection terminal galvanized gold color
    • Completely removable
    • Nottolini locking robust and secure avoid the use of bolts or screws to be tightened
    • Base rigid removable
    • Marking of the manufacturer on each piece
    • Galvanised quality anti-rust polyurethane wheels Ø 200 mm. anti-crushing end with supporting soft BLUE anti-track
    • Configurations conform UNI EN 1004 – use undocked


    Configuration of Superlungo equipped for use in accordance with European Standards.
    Superlungo HD allows a use not anchored up to a working height of mt. 13.5.
    These characteristics make the Superlungo HD scaffolding extremely safe and versatile, allow adaptation to every need and give reasons showing the wide range of use.

  • Trittleitern 6017


    • Foldable stepladder with reinforced nylon platform
    • Deep non-slip steps, 83 mm.
    • Boxed frame uprights, 80 x 23 mm.
    • Nylon platform, 260 x 290 mm. with connecting rod to prevent closing
    • Non-opening aluminium spreader bars
    • Reinforced lower section for a more rigid base
    • Enlarged non-slide feet


    Practical and functional and specifically conceived for the management of shelving inside industrial warehouses.

  • Material Lifter LIFT2000


    • Ascending ramp made entirely of aluminum built by riser pipes finned profile joined by square tubes spaced every 50 cm.
    • Robust connection between the various extension elements with bayonet locking and reinforced by means of bolts and eyebolts
    • Lifting unit with cable reel for 50 meters. of steel cable provided with anti-detensioning of the cable system
    • Lifting by single phase electric motor 230V / 50Hz 1,1 kW with power consumption of A 9:00
    • Brake system composed of single-phase electric motor with oil bath gear reducer with fine hill climb and descent.
    • Quadro small command with pushbutton actuation three commands at 24V fitted with electrical cable along mt. 3
    • Obligation of rompitratta supplied more than 8 mt. of development
    • Operating and maintenance manual
    • Certified by EC

    With elevation in electrical control panel with actuating and „EC certificate“ up to 24 meters and thanks to several cart platform solutions it allows to lift materials of all kinds. Equipped with anti-fall safety device in case of rope and brake system break with single-phase electric motor is ideal for moving because able to avoid setbacks to furniture.


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