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Eisengerüste ORIO

Base Dimensions 1.8 x 1.0 m Maximum overall height 8,98 m


  • Rungs with deep non-slip lining placed every 29 cm between the uprights
  • Work platform and protective rails positionable every 29 cm. allowing the user to work in safety in all modes of use. (optional)
  • Work platform with anti-wind safety
  • Work platform provided with trapdoor, to allow the user to climb up from the inside, and regulation toe boards
  • Gold coloured galvanized protective section
  • Completely disassemblable
  • Secure and robust locking ratchets avoiding the use of bolts or screws
  • Product branding on every component
  • Anti-rusting quality alvanizing
  • Rubber wheels Ø 150 mm. with brakes
  • Configurations in compliance with D.L 81- obligatory anchoring


Medium sized mobile scaffold in the sense of the height it reaches and how much space it takes up.

Erected on a solid and robust rectangular base, dividable into 4 pieces, on which it is possible to apply stabilizing screws (optional) which further stabilize the entire structure and also to compensate up to 30 cm of height difference.

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