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Leitern 6087

Mobile ladder with twin base stabilizers and regulation WORK platform


  • Disassemblable platform ladder
  • Deep non-slip steps, 83 mm.
  • Boxed frame uprights, 80 x 23 mm.
  • Large work platform, 600 x 660 mm, with regulation toe boards
  • Regulation security railing: 1 m.
  • Handrail on both sides
  • Side handles for transportation like a wheelbarrow
  • Base stabilizer on both sides
  • Frontal base with rubber wheels, Ø 125 mm.
  • Feet made in an anti-slide synthetic material
  • Complies with the UNI EN 131-7


Ladder tested against tipping: 30 KG. horizontal!

Recommended for carrying out industrial maintenance in a quick and practical way, even near obstructions, always in the highest safety thanks to the regulation railings and to the twin stabilizing bases.

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