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Leitern V047Z – V047

Disassemblable three section multi-purpose ladder with base stabilizer


  • Disassemblable multi-purpose ladder
  • Fibreglass uprights providing electrical insulation
  • Non-slip square aluminium rungs, 30 x 30 mm.
  • Double binded rung-upright connections
  • Adjustable height by means of a manual extension mechanism
  • Upper section provided with sliding wheels for leaning on walls. This section is removable and useable as a lean-on ladder
  • Extendable sections lock into place by means of automatic anti-decoupling hooks
  • Safety strap in a synthetic material to prevent the ladder from spreading apart
  • Adjustable aluminium spreader bars
  • Aluminium based stabilizer with protective casing and plug-calibrated deformable
  • Reinforced lower sections for a more rigid base
  • Non-slide balancing feet which adapt themselves to the inclination of thE ground
  • Non-slide end caps on the base


A versatile ladder which adapts itself quickly to different working positions. Ideal for practically every working situation, guaranteeing stability and safety. As the uprights of both sections are in fibreglass, the ladder is electrically insulated in all configurations of use.

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