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Leitern V060

Three section extension ladder with rope


  • Extendable lean-on ladder with rope
  • Fibreglass uprights providing electrical insulation
  • Non-slip squared aluminium rungs, 30 x 30 mm.
  • Double binded rung-upright connections
  • Adjustable height through use of an extension mechanism with rope in a synthetic material
  • Sections lock off by means of a die cast aluminium coupling device
  • Adjustable self-lock off, manually extendable upper section, provided with sliding wheels for leaning the ladder against the wall
  • Reinforced lower section for a more rigid base
  • Non-slide balancing feet which adapt automatically to the inclination of the ground
  • Non-slide end caps on the base


A very versatile ladder, ideal for working at great heights, allowing a practical and safe section extension. Easy to transport and when folded it can be put away easily into small spaces. As the uprights of each section are in fibreglass, the ladder provides electrical insulation in all conditions of use.

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