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Staffelei EDIL150

Foldable aluminium construction trestle


  • Foldable aluminium construction trestle
  • Non-slip round steps, Ø 50.8 mm.
  • Non-slip aluminium shelf, 200 x 900 mm.
  • Feet made in an non-slide and non-marking synthetic material


The EDIL150 was designed for working in safety, eliminating the old wooden trestles often used as supports for boards and materials or for raising work platforms.

The EDIL150 series provides safety in a more practical way because it offers the worker all of the advantages derived from a product constructed entirely in aluminium without having to sacrifice the safety standards and load capacity necessary for working in the construction business.

The EDIL150 series is very robust, light and it is easy to transport. It doesn’t rust and is safe from oxidizing agents, it doesn’t leave chips and the nylon feet allow its use in private housing on delicate floors.

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