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Steigleitern 4047

Einholmleitern und mehrholmleitern


  • Composed of complete and independent modules to facilitate the installation of the ladder
  • The ladder can be requested with the cage disassembled which lowers the final price and facilitates transport.
  • All ladders are provided with a detailed instruction booklet for the assembly of the cage and the installation of the ladder
  • Wide range of accessories available on request
  • Non slip squared rungs, 30 x 30 mm. positioned at regulated intervals of 280 mm.
  • Double binded rung-upright connections
  • Vertical uprights: 58 x 25 mm.
  • Independent and disassemblable galvanized wall fixing steel brackets, available in different sizes
  • The position of the brackets is freely adjustable in the work place to be able to avoid obstacles
  • Robust aluminium alloy cage joint rings which are adjustable even in the work place
  • Upper module provided with double handrail on both sides and an enlarged exit of 60 cm. to provide an easy passage.
  • Ladder’s external width: 520 mm.
  • Diameter of the protection cage: 600 mm.
  • The protection cage begins at a minimum of 2.10 m and a maximum of 2.50 m. from the ground
  • In accordance with the current laws, the ladder supports 150 kg. every 2 metres


Completely made of aluminum, has a protective cage, without welding, adaptable in work and completely disassembled to minimize the overall dimensions in transport. 

Suitable for multiple uses is a good economical solution for:
· Access equipment
· Access to roofs, roofs or buildings
· Access of chimneys, silos, platforms
· Access to overhead cranes, lifts
· Carry out inspections, inspections, maintenance

and wherever there is a need to carry out regular inspections at high altitude and without risks.

The stairs with cage Frigerio they use a system independent modules to facilitate the composition, deployment and storage, and are supplied with detailed instruction booklet to ensure a cage assembly easy and intuitive.

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