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  • Mini scaffold ALUTOP


    • Steps shoulders spaced every 28 cm. with anti-slip surface made of square profile mm. 30×30 with double edges, inside and outside the vertical upright
    • Shoulders / uprights constructed pipe rettandolo mm. 58×25
    • Work provided manhole step with regulatory wooden surface treated Finnish birch waterproof, anti-slip and anti-stain
    • Traverse made profile rectangle mm. 40×20 with quick coupling and provided with anti-detachment device even with strong pushes from the inside towards the outside
    • Double base stabilizer plug calibrated foam with adjustment for tiling wall
    • Shoulders / uprights joined by aluminum hinges with stainless steel pins can be used as anti-rust No. 2 multipurpose folding aluminum ladders with base stabilizer
    • Details and finishings made of aluminum anti-rust
    • Completely removable
    • Marking of the manufacturer on each piece
    • 2 wheels Ø 100 mm. to allow the transport wheels “wheelbarrow”


    A mini scaffold designed to work easily, quickly and effectively in indoor or on flat surfaces.

    The connections of the horizontal beams and diagonal using an anti-detachment that will allow quick installation and safe operation.

    The folding frame allows an immediate installation with great ease and the 4 wheels with brakes allow easy movement in all directions.

    Plan of professional work has to pass regulatory trapdoor cm. 54 x 60 to allow the ascent from the inside in safety.

    Great convenience and light weight make it an instrument for all occasions to use quickly and place in a small space. 

  • Scaffold POKER


    • Rungs with deep non-slip lining placed every 27 cm between the uprights
    • Work platforms and protective rails positionable every 27 cm, allowing the user to work in safety in every mode of use
    • Work platform with wind resistance safety
    • Work platform provided with trapdoor, to allow the user to climb up from the inside, and regulation toe boards
    • Gold coloured galvanized protective section
    • Completely disassemblable
    • Able to fold up like a pantograph to allow it to pass through doors
    • Secure and robust locking ratchets avoiding the use of bolts or screws
    • Product branding on every component
    • Anti-rusting quality galvanizing
    • Optional kit for adapting to ladders
    • Rubber wheels Ø 100 mm. with brakes
    • Configurations comply with D.L 81 – obligatory anchoring


    Quick and simple so that it can be set up on the job by only one person who is able to set up 1 m. of scaffolding per minute.

    The ladder component (optional) allows the user to work at greater heights, as with indoor ladders.

    The ladder component mounts easily to the base of the work bay
    To level the ladder out, make the telescopic tubes slide down and then lock them with the appropriate toggles. 

  • Mini Scaffold GOLIA


    • Rungs between the uprights spaced out every 30 cm. with deep non-slip lining
    • Work platform positionable at intervals of 30 cm
    • Uprights with enlarged base which provide a greater stability, with calibrated joints and cut-proof border
    • Frames constructed with robust steel tubing Ø 32 mm.
    • Self-supporting steel frame platform
    • Completely disassemblable
    • Secure and robust locking ratchets avoiding the use of bolts or screws.
    • Product branding on every component
    • Anti-rusting red epoxy paint work
    • Trasforms into a ladder
    • 2 wheels 80 mm. for trasport like wheelbarrow


    Ideal for housework, practical and quick to disassemble and reassemble, and can be put away into small spaces.

    Easy to transport with any type of car or truck.

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