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  • Stool 6017


    • Foldable stepladder with reinforced nylon platform
    • Deep non-slip steps, 83 mm.
    • Boxed frame uprights, 80 x 23 mm.
    • Nylon platform, 260 x 290 mm. with connecting rod to prevent closing
    • Non-opening aluminium spreader bars
    • Reinforced lower section for a more rigid base
    • Enlarged non-slide feet


    Practical and functional and specifically conceived for the management of shelving inside industrial warehouses.



    • 100 % aluminium structure

    • Vertical ladder integrated with rungs positioned every 30 cm.
    • Robust round rungs Ø 50.8 mm with no-slip knurling
    • Quick cupling of protective frame component
    • Diagonal brace lock into place automatically through use of die cast hooks
    • Automatic coupling of the vertical frame through use of stainless steel wrapp-around clamps
    • Non-slip and waterproof work platform provided with trapdoor and wooden toeboard made from Finnish birch trees
    • Work platform with wind-resistance safety against accidental lifting
    • Legs with levelling screws mounted into a wheel which allows a millimetric adjustment of up to 35 cm.
    • Stabilizing outrigger for every requirement with articulated feet or on wheels
    • The structure’s modulation has great flexibility allowing a quick change between the different configurations


    On demand:  Available with nylon wheels Ø 150 mm with crushproof support band


    Following various requests from photographic studios, television and cinemagraphic productions, Frigerio Carpenterie has designed and produced a special scaffold:

    • The “Quadro Scaffold” stands out for its very wide base: dimensions 2.0 x 2.0 m. which give it a perfect stability, avoiding oscillations, which can be very distracting for those who work in the high quality photography or videography sectors.
    • The tower supports a weight of up to 200 kg/m. ideal for supporting lights and it can be extended up to a height of 20m. using specific statistic calculations which are available on demand.
  • Ladder V015


    • Double sided trestle ladder
    • Fibreglass uprights which provide electrical insulation, 95 mm.
    • Deep non-slip aluminium steps, 90 mm.
    • Knee guard, 50 cm.
    • Aluminium shelf, 200 x 300 mm
    • Automatic aluminium spacing safety bars
    • Ladder inclination: 68°
    • Reinforced lower section for a more rigid base
    • Non sliding feet made in a synthetic material


    On demand: Available with a twin aluminium tool-holding tray (lasts steps are invertible)


    As the uprights are made with fibreglass, the ladder provides electrical insulation in all conditions.

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