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New products
  • Mini Scaffold GOLIA


    • Rungs between the uprights spaced out every 30 cm. with deep non-slip lining
    • Work platform positionable at intervals of 30 cm
    • Uprights with enlarged base which provide a greater stability, with calibrated joints and cut-proof border
    • Frames constructed with robust steel tubing Ø 32 mm.
    • Self-supporting steel frame platform
    • Completely disassemblable
    • Secure and robust locking ratchets avoiding the use of bolts or screws.
    • Product branding on every component
    • Anti-rusting red epoxy paint work
    • Trasforms into a ladder
    • 2 wheels 80 mm. for trasport like wheelbarrow


    Ideal for housework, practical and quick to disassemble and reassemble, and can be put away into small spaces.

    Easy to transport with any type of car or truck.


    • System modular composition of aluminum
    • Supports anchor cast aluminum
    • Railing complete removable height 1100 mm.
    • Ergonomic handrail Ø 51 mm.
    • Supports attachment of the rails with adjustable position
    • Current intermediate guard-rails Ø 30 mm.
    • Regulatory toe height 150 mm.
    • Struts support verticlai spaced 1500 mm.
    • Estimate the meter – minimum supply mt. 2

    The use of collective protection systems, such as the parapets Frigerio, are always preferable compared to traditional systems, in particular on flat roofs equipped with machines requiring the presence of operators for maintenance, or in the case of buildings that have easy access to the roof, even by unskilled personnel.

    The elements of the parapet allow great adaptability and mate to form standard modules of 3 meters in length, but you can ask for special components of different sizes.
    • They are made of an aluminum alloy that combines lightness and strength with excellent corrosion resistance and assembled by self drilling screws and set screws in stainless steel.
    • The vertical, to be placed every 1.5 meters. are available in both straight and angled at 30 ° and are placed in brackets to fasten or support structure
    • Appropriate fittings of cast aluminum allow changes in direction or altitude changes by allowing you to adjust the parapet to any profile coverage.

  • Ladder 6008


    • Lean on ladder
    • Deep non-slip steps, 83 mm,
    • Boxed frame uprights, 80 x 23 mm.
    • Aluminium object tray
    • Provided with a neoprene strip on the upper section: non-slip, scratch resistant and stainless.
    • Enlarged base for great stability
    • Reinforced lower section for a rigid base
    • Non-slide enlarged feet


    On demand: Wall anchoring kit with fastening hooks (Art. KTM)


    A safe and practical solution in environments where it is better to have a flat step for greater comfort for the feet when it is not possible to use a trestle ladder. The greatest stability and safety are guaranteed due to an enlarged solid base.

    The scratch resistant and non-slip support surface allows the use of the ladder on valuable surfaces.

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