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  • Mini scaffold ALUMINI


    • Traversini shoulder spaced every 28 cm. with anti-slip surface made of square profile mm. 30×30 with double edges, internal and external to the vertical
    • Shoulders / uprights constructed pipe rettandolo mm. 58×25
    • Equipped with No. 2 half-planes placeable every 28 cm. with wooden surface treated Finnish birch waterproof, anti-slip and anti-stain
    • Traverse made profile rectangle mm. 40×20 with quick and equipped with anti-detachment anceh with strong pushes from the inside
    • Folding frame made completely of aluminum allows you to go through the doors keeping the conventional scaffolding assembled and thus ensuring immediate use
    • Details and finishings made of aluminum anti-rust
    • Fully removable
    • Marking of the manufacturer on each piece 
    • 2 wheels Ø 80 mm . to allow the transport wheels “wheelbarrow”


    A mini scaffold designed to work easily, quickly and effectively in indoor or on flat surfaces. The connections of horizontal cross members using an anti-detachment device which allows an installation and a rapid use sicuro.Il folding frame allows an immediate installation with gande ease and wheels enable a comfortable shift wheelbarrow both when mounted that when disassembled.


  • Ladder 3060V


    • Extendable lean-on ladder with rope
    • Upper section in fibreglass for electrical insulation
    • Lower sections in aluminium for a robust and light ladder
    • Non-slip square aluminium rungs, 30 x 30 mm.
    • Double-binded rung-upright connections
    • Extendable sections lock into place through use of automatic die cast aluminium coupling device
    • Manually extendable adjustable self-locking upper section provided with sliding wheels for leaning the ladder on walls
    • Non-slide end caps on the base
    • Non-slide balancing feet which adapt automatically to the inclination of the ground


    Mixed” version of the 3060 ladder with lower sections in aluminium and upper section in fibreglass. The ladder provides an electrical insulation whilst at the same time maintaining the resistance and lightness of the aluminium.

  • Ladder 6082 – 6082N – 6082C


    • Platform ladder which can be folded to be put away
    • Deep non-slip steps, 83 mm
    • Boxed frame uprights. 80 x 23 mm.
    • Large WORK platform, 620 x 520 mm. with regulation toe boards, 150 mm.
    • Automatic aluminium spreader bars
    • Regulation 1 m. safety rail
    • Wide aluminium tool holding shelf, 200 x 550 mm.
    • Mounted onto wheels with a braking device
    • Handrails on both sides
    • Side handles for transport like a wheelbarrow
    • Additional support on the lower section for a more rigid base
    • Enlarged feet with a non-slide surface
    • SCA 6082 standard version D.L.81
    • SCA 6082N version EN 131 with double base stabilizer
    • SCA 6082c version EN 131-7 proven antitipping


    Designed for loans also important to modest heights, allowing a comfortable and secure working thanks to the wide platform offering fermapiesde regulatory features double handrails and a wide base with stabilizing struts to ensure good braking stability and security, easy to close and place in a small space.

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