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  • Ladder AV60

    • Ladder AV60 with ramp width mm. 600
    • Steps in light alloy supports with non-slip surface depth of 200 mm.
    • Handrails interchangeable positioned on both sides of the scale in a simple and fast means of special plates for a solid fixing
    • Anti-lock safety device integrated with screw adjustment manual
    • Inclination of variable slope between 23 ° and 78 °
    • Support to plan your arrival sturdy steel plates tassellabili
    • Support to the ground by strong steel plate anchorable with large non-slip foot rocker that automatically adapts to the slope of the ground


    On request: removable handrail railing heights for regulatory type CA/14 floor between mt. And 1.64 mt. 3.35

    On request: removable handrail railing heights for regulatory type CB/14 floor between mt. And 3.40 mt. 4.15
    Designed to ensure safety during the changes of level building sites, and to facilitate all the processes or for the trasposrto equipment from one floor to another.

    AV60 becomes an economic solution during the construction phases to solve temporary access in a simple and fast, always ready to use is able to adapt to different heights with the utmost precision.

    A very sturdy ladder that provides high flow constructed entirely of aluminum to maintain a low weight, and be easily transported and installed by two men.

  • Stool V033


    • Folded double sided step ladder
    • Fibreglass uprights, 95 mm, for electrical insulation
    • Deep non-slip aluminium steps, 90 mm
    • Aluminium shelf, 200 x 300 mm.
    • Automatic aluminium spreader bars
    • Ladder inclination: 68°
    • Reinforced lower section for a more rigid base
    • Synthetic material feet made with a non-slide surface


    Recommended for working in industrial environments which require the ladder to be moved quickly and practically. Both of the inclines of the ladder are in fibreglass, therefore the ladder provides electrical insulation in every condition.

  • Aerial ladder 5056


    • Wheeled mobile ladder with base stabilizer
    • Non-slip squared rungs, 30 x 30 mm.
    • Double-binded rung-upright connections
    • Height of the 3rd section is adjustable, from to rung to rung, through use of a tow rope in synthetic material.
    • Section lock off system which uses automatic hooks with anti-decoupling safety
    • Non-slip work platform, 260 x 400 mm.
    • Mobile ladder on rotating wheels Ø 200 mm. with brake
    • Completely disassemblable robust zinc-coated steel stabilizing base
    • Base provided with levellers which allow the ladder to overcome uneven terrain of up to 30 cm. and to stabilize the ladder in every working condition
    • Base adjustable scale for use alongside a wall
    • Ladder inclination 14°
    • Foldable for storage
    • Test Si.PREV 178,00 € netto


    On request : large leveling wheel on


    A ladder conceived specifically for carrying out tasks which require long period of time at great heights.

    This ladder has a solid and robust zinc-coated steel base provided with enlarged wheels and levellers which position and secure the ladder on every type of surface.

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