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    • Modular aluminum structure
    • Supports anchor made of galvanized steel
    • Railing complete removable height 1100 mm.
    • ergonomic handrail Ø 51 mm.
    • Supports attachment of the rails with adjustable position
    • Current intermediate guard-rails Ø 30 mm.
    • regulatory toe height 150 mm.
    • Decking mm width. 600, 800, 1200
    • Surface decking anticivolo, knurled or grilled

    A structural system combined with sturdy stairs and walkways modular and self-supporting aluminum, fully adjustable and designed for the safety of passes on fragile roofs, slippery, non-functional or to overcome obstacles.

    The integration with scales of passage designed ad hoc allows to adapt to surfaces with any type of slope or the overcoming of obstacles and technical volumes that are interposed along the passage (eg pipes, vents, or other systems).

    The system uses stainless steel screws resist rusting and components are made entirely of aluminum alloy to ensure total weathering unassailable and to simplify the maintenance and recovery time.

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