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  • échafaudages ALUPONT B74 BALCONI


    • 100 % aluminium structure
    • Usable as a wheeled indoor scaffold
    • Robust round rungs Ø 50,8 mm with non-slip knurling
    • Protective frame component for complete protection with immediate installation and which automatically locks into place
    • Diagonal brace lock into place automatically through use of die cast hooks
    • Automatic coupling of the vertical frame through use of stainless steel wrapp-around clamps
    • Non-slip and waterproof work platform provided with trapdoor and wooden toeboard made from Finnish birch trees
    • Work platform with wind-resistance safety against accidental lifting
    • Legs with levelling screws mounted onto a wheel which allows a millimetric adjustment of up to 35 cm.
    • Ceiling mounting plates with adjustment screws
    • 8 connecting clamps for front and side cantilever support
    • 4 fixed clamps for adjustment of the wall tubes
    • Nylon wheels Ø 125 mm with double brake and crush-proof and non-marking support band
    • The structure’s modulation has great flexibility allowing a quick change between the different configurations


    Through the use of Alupont B74 components and accessories, a light, modular, agile and safe structure has been created for maintenance works and for balcony restoration.

    This solution, employable on balconies, allows work in a quick and simple way even at great heights, without the need to use scaffolding from the ground up, saving you money on working costs and also saving you time on the assembly.

    Ideal for emergency works and for non-planned maintenance works. It is available in three standard modules with a height of 1.97, 2.55, or 3.10 m.

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