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Double sided trestle ladder with kneeguard and large aluminium platform


  • Double sided trestle ladder
  • Insulating fibreglass uprights, 95 mm.
  • Deep anti-slip aluminium steps, 90 mm.
  • Aluminium platform, 560 x 290 mm.
  • Knee guard, 50 cm.
  • Aluminium shelf, 200 x 300 mm.
  • Ladder inclination 68°
  • Safety strap to prevent the ladder from spreading apart
  • Reinforced lower section for a rigid base
  • Feet made in an anti-slide synthetic material


On demand: Available with an aluminium double object-holding tray (last steps are invertible)


An ideal tool for more enduring tasks in indoor and outdoor environments in comfort and safety. Made in fibreglass, the ladder guarantees electrical insulation in any condition of use.

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