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échelles 3051V

Two sectioned mixed fibreglass-aluminium extendable ladder with rope


  • Extendable lean-on ladder with rope
  • Upper section in fibreglass for electrical insulation
  • Lower sections in aluminium for a robust and light ladder
  • Non-slip square aluminium rungs, 30 x 30 mm.
  • Double binded rung-upright connections
  • Adjustable height through use of extension mechanism with rope in a synthetic material
  • Extendable sections lock off through use of an automatic die cast aluminium coupling device
  • Upper section provided with sliding wall wheels
  • Non-slide end caps on the base
  • Non-slide balancing feet which adapt automatically to the inclination of the ground


“Mixed” version of the 3051 ladder with lower sections in aluminium and upper section in fibreglass. The ladder provides an electrical insulation whilst at the same time maintaining the resistance and lightness of the aluminium.

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