Des échelles et des tabourets en aluminium

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Aluminium Ladders and Step Ladders

Grande largeur et profondeur de gamme, de sorte que la fonction de recherche, la sécurité et la durabilité sont combinés avec un design moderne et rationnelle; une telle attention est mis en œuvre une série de choix, conçu pour répondre aux normes de bonne conception s’applique à la plus importante réglementations nationales et européennes.

Step Ladders

Large Steps: 83mm
With a non-slip surface mounted onto a finned double boxed frame upright, which allows the inner section of the upright to be fixed directly to the step, without compromising the strength of the outer section of the upright.

This results in a strong, hidden welding that guarantees the durability of the uprights.


Our objective is great stability!

Stable and robust base with reinforced bolts and rubber PVC- IG73 non-slide feet with an enlarged support surface.


Rung Ladders

Double binding of the rungs to the uprights!
Squared rungs, depth 30×30 mm, with a non-slip lining, are double binded to the ladder’s beams, which guarantees the maximum level of structural rigidness throughout the years.


Indestructible Base Stabilizers!

The base stabilizers are attached to the ladder through a robust calibrated aluminium profile, which firmly fixes the base to the ladder beams, eliminating every possibility of deformation or other problems.


Robust hinges with automatic lock off and rapid unlock functions!
Hinge made in pressed steel, which allows a fast and efficient control using only one hand, therefore this be can be carried out on both sides simultaneously, without it being necessary for the operator to carry out visual checks.