Steel Scaffolds

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Steel Scaffolds

Protected Work Bay

Gold coloured zinc-coated beams with intermediary railings placed every 30 cm. Cross-beams spaced at 30 cm with a deep non-slip lining, like a regulation rung ladder.


Complete guarantee in the connections

Calibrated by numeric control, with camber and a reinforcing border which ease connection and avoids the possibility of damage during use and transportation.


Quality work platform

Work platform is equipped with a trapdoor, toe boards and hooks which prevent lifting due to the effects of the wind!

Dark Finnish Birch and very strong ply-wood surface coming from Finland. It has a dark colour with anti-spot, non-slip and waterproof properties which increase the strength and resistence to atmospherics agents and to sea salt, granting a longer duratbility.


Anti-slip high resistance rungs!

Rectangular anti-slip rungs with optimized design which grants high strength, a stronger frame and solidity weldings.