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Produse noi
  • Scaun 1990

    • 1990 version in aluminum footrests
    • 1990S version with steel running boards mandorlata
    • Large 200 mm deep steps. Anti-slip with increased width to 50 cm.
    • Fully welded rectangular profiles with high resistance againstshocks and stresses
    • Thickness of the profiles increased to ensure a high load capacity
    • Feet in anti-slip plastic
    • Year of manufacture and manufacturer’s brand
    • Instruction and usage rules

    A very stable fixed stool, allows a comfortable and secure access topremises and mezzanines in agreement with the main Italian and European regulations.

    Made of a modular optical features different elements of completionthrough which you can create different compositions of steps, raisedwalkways, platforms or walkways

  • Schele ALUPONT F135


    • 100 % aluminium structure
    • ladder integrated with rungs positioned every 30 cm.
    • Robust round rungs Ø 50,8 mm. with a deep non-slip knurling
    • Non-slip waterproof work platform provided with trapdoor and wooden toe boards made from Finnish birch trees
    • Work platforms with wind-resistance safety against accidental lifting
    • Diagonal brace lock into place automatically through use of die cast hooks
    • Automatic coupling of the vertical frame through use of stainless steel wrapp-around clamps
    • Quick connection of protective frame component
    • Stabilizing outrigger for every requirement with articulated feet or on wheels
    • Levelling screw legs mounted into a wheel which allows an analogue regulation up to 35 cm. and maintains control during movements of the scaffold
    • Polyurethane wheels Ø 150 mm with crushproof and non-marking support band and double brake
    • Fewer components for a quick and easy assembly
    • The structure’s modulation has great flexibility allowing a quick change between the different configurations
    • Configuration complies UNI EN 1004 – No anchored use


    On demand: Available with Ø 200 mm wheels


    With a length of 135 cm, Alupont F135 allows the reaching of working heights of up to 17 m. with anchorage, and up to 14 m. without the anchorage being necessary, in complete safety guaranteed by European Legislation UNI EN 1004.

    All of the Alupont scaffolds have been designed with a modular concept making it easy to change between the different configurations and which also boasts the intrinsic properties of aluminium scaffolds:

    • Time needed for positioning, levelling and assembly and disassembly have been reduced to the minimum.

    • The reduced weight of the components facilitates their construction and installationThe simplicity of the assembly and the quickness of the coupling of the elements makes every job carried out at a height safe.

  • Scara AV60

    • Ladder AV60 with ramp width mm. 600
    • Steps in light alloy supports with non-slip surface depth of 200 mm.
    • Handrails interchangeable positioned on both sides of the scale in a simple and fast means of special plates for a solid fixing
    • Anti-lock safety device integrated with screw adjustment manual
    • Inclination of variable slope between 23 ° and 78 °
    • Support to plan your arrival sturdy steel plates tassellabili
    • Support to the ground by strong steel plate anchorable with large non-slip foot rocker that automatically adapts to the slope of the ground


    On request: removable handrail railing heights for regulatory type CA/14 floor between mt. And 1.64 mt. 3.35

    On request: removable handrail railing heights for regulatory type CB/14 floor between mt. And 3.40 mt. 4.15
    Designed to ensure safety during the changes of level building sites, and to facilitate all the processes or for the trasposrto equipment from one floor to another.

    AV60 becomes an economic solution during the construction phases to solve temporary access in a simple and fast, always ready to use is able to adapt to different heights with the utmost precision.

    A very sturdy ladder that provides high flow constructed entirely of aluminum to maintain a low weight, and be easily transported and installed by two men.

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