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Platforma BS

Double sided disassemblable aluminium mobile frame for raising floors


  • Mobile loading floor on wheels with brakes
  • Aluminium frame with non-slip round steps Ø 50.8 mm.
  • Compatible with all ALUPONT work platforms and available in three lengths: 1.97, 2.55, or 3.10 m.
  • Work platform available with walking surface made from non-slip, waterproof Finnish birch trees or in cross-hatch plate aluminium
  • Pivoting wheels Ø 125 mm. with crushproof and non-marking support band


On request: Work tops with almond aluminum sheet surface


ALUPONT work platform mounted onto aluminium frames of different heights.

A great complimentary accessory for ALUPONT scaffolds which is a great help for carrying out works lengthways and at limited heights.

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N.Articolo Altezza piattaforma H mt. Altezza di lavoro
Larghezza L
Peso alla coppia
ALP BS/1 CO 0,40 2,40 0,67 10,0
ALP BS/2 CO 0,70 2,70 0,67 13,0
ALP BS/3 CO 0,99 2,99 0,67 16,0