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Scara 1969 – 1969S

Flat stepped conical shaped ladder with support tip


  • Agricultural ladder
  • Ladder 1969 with an extended upper section
  • Ladder 1969S with a cut upper section
  • Deep non-slip steps, 83 mm.
  • Larger steps with reinforced bolts
  • Boxed-frame uprights, 78 x 25 mm.
  • Round tube support tip Ø 50 x 1,5 mm
  • Safety strap to prevent the ladder from spreading apart
  • Feet made in a synthetic material


On demand: The ladder can be provided with the “1969 S” application, which is a cut upper section, which resolves transport problems and allows a convenient tool support

On demand: The ladder can be provided with an adjustable telescopic support tip, allowing the ladder to be positioned to compensate for inclines or uneven ground.


Belonging to the “agricultural” series, the ladder is able to adapt itself to different uses even in the proximity of large trees. The ladder can be provided with an extended upper section, which is useful for wedging the ladder between the branches of a tree, or it can be provided with a cut upper section which resolves the obstruction problems during transport and allows a convenient tool support.

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N.Articolo Lunghezza scala 1969 L mt. Lunghezza scala 1969S L mt. Altezza scala 1969 H mt. Altezza scala 1969S H mt. Larghezza scala B mt. Peso scala 1969
Peso scala 1969S
SCA 1969-1969S/08 2,94 2,40 2,77 2,23 0,89 10,0 8,0
SCA 1969-1969S/10 3,50 2,95 3,33 2,75 1,05 12,0 10,0
SCA 1969-1969S/12 4,06 3,51 3,99 3,27 1,20 15,0 12,0
SCA 1969-1969S/14 4,62 4,07 4,45 3,79 1,36 18,0 14,0