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Scara 7260 – 7280

Fixed double sided cross over ladder with work platform and regulation railing


  • Ladder 7260: Width of ladder: 600 mm.
  • Ladder 7280: Width of ladder: 800 mm.
  • Light non-deformable, non-slip alloy steps: Depth 200 mm
  • Wide non-slip platform: Depth 800 mm.
  • Platform is provided with side toe boards and removable regulation railings, 1 m, which are placed on both sides.
  • Removable double handrail on both sides
  • Scratch-resistant rectangular tube frame with rounded corners
  • Ladder provided with fixing plates to connect it to the ground
  • Ladder inclination: 55°



On demand: Steps grilled Aluminium anti snow

On demand: The platform can be expanded up to 4 m.


The ideal solution for overcoming fixed obstacles and during tasks of the industrial productive process which require constant checks.

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