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Special Ladder and Personalizations

With over 30 years experience of producing special ladders under it’s belt, Frigerio Carpenterie is able to offer to it’s clients a customised technical consultation, singling out the best solution for every requirement.

A planning office, which makes use of the most modern technology assisted by computers, acts as an interface with the customer, with the objective of looking into every requirement and testing the feasibility of new projects.

Unlike many custom made ladders manufactured by smiths and artisans, The Frigerio ladders are constructed in compliance with current regulations, and they can be optionally tested by private authorities. In addition, they are provided with a guarantee, an instruction booklet and an identifying label for every product category.

Structural features

  • Crushproof aluminium steps with non-slip surface with a depth of 200 mm
  • Choice of width of steps between 600, 800, 1000 or 1200 mm
  • Available with auto-deactivating wheels, wheels with brakes or with ground fixing plates Ø 80, 100, 125, 150 or 200 mt
  • Disassemblable ladder built in a modular fashion based on screw joints between the components of the ladde
  • The modular system allows the replacement of components in case of repair or modification
  • Possibility to customize the height of the work platform, at the price of the subsequent standard size mode
  • Removable railings made in a solid quadrangular shape, handrail and ergonomic knee protection, railing height: 1100 mm
  • Capacity of 200kg per square metre
On demand : Special steps with greater depth or width in crosshatch plate aluminiu
On demand : Personalized customisation of the ladder’s incline
On demand : Additions such as varnishing, anodizing etc.

Steps in aluminum with anti-slip surface

200 mm deep. ensures maximum foot comfort even in the most difficult conditions of use.

Steps in aluminum grating anti-snow

Designed for its ability anti-snow is deep 200 mm. and ensures comfort and safety anti-slip.

Steps sheet almond aluminum

It allows you to create very robust non-slip steps with a width and depth defined on specific request.

A state of the art technical department that designs, develops and tests the best solutions for your needs, using the most modern technology programs for 2D and 3D CAD design with static analysis of the applied loads.