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Byggnadsställning SUPERLUNGO 3001

Base Dimensions 2.5 x 1.2 m Maximum Overall Height 16.05 m


  • Qualitative and functional specifications like the Superlungo
  • Rungs with deep non-slip lining placed every 30 cm between the uprights
  • Provided with internal aluminium ladder appropriate for moving small manual loads
  • All configurations include a two sectioned extendable rung ladder, model 3046/7+6, recommended for the base and the relative base floor to support the ladder
  • Work platforms and protective rails positionable every 30 cm. to allow the user to work in safety in every configuration of use
  • Work platform with anti-wind safety
  • Work platform provided with trapdoor, to allow the user to climb up from the inside, and regulation toe boards
  • Gold coloured galvanized protective section
  • Completely disassemblable
  • Secure and robust locking ratchets avoiding the use of bolts or screws
  • Product branding on every component
  • Anti-rusting qualityu galvanizing
  • Polyurethane wheels Ø 200 mm with crushproof and non-marking support band and brake
  • Configurations comply with UNI EN 1004 - Non anchored use


A further upgrade of the Superlungo scaffold which takes shape in a more complete version. The Superlungo 3001 maintains all of the intrinsic features present in the Superlungo and adds to the previous configuration, a greater number of work platform complete with guardrails and regulation toe boards, all connected by convenient aluminium internal service ladders, built using the best quality components.

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