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Stege 1980

Professional ladder with telescoping and regulatory work platform

  • Stair platform with telescoping and folding
  • Profile of the dedicated external pins mm. 30 x 30 Non-slip extra thick to ensure maximum sealing of welds
  • Attack peg - mast with double edge
  • Platform dimensions 42 x 58 cm. toe with the top 15 cm.
  • Comprehensive protection with high parapet mt. 1, knee protection with automatic opening and closing strap nylon
  • Brackets integrated stabilizer quick connect, with extendable telescoping and foldable for wall tiling
  • Stop logs using nylon coated steel hooks
  • Plugs external steps with anti-detachment
  • Pan aluminum toolbox cm. 20 x 55 folding
  • Transportation to and wheelbarrow wheels Ø 100 mm. rubber
  • Legs with slip-resistant surface
  • Complies with UNI EN 131-7 test the anti-tip
  • Complies NFP93-352 - NFP93-353


A straight shelf high-functional character, very strong in every detail has a large working platform to regulate variable height that allows you to quickly adapt to situations with fornti gradients.

Extenders basic quick connect satisfy testing anti-tip and allow you to perfectly stabilize the scale to guarantee maximum security.

Foldable makes minimum overall dimensions and allows for easy transport on wheels wheelbarrow.

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