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Stege 7060 – 7080

Portable platform stepladder


  • Ladder 7060: Width of ladder 600 mm.
  • Ladder 7080: Width of ladder 800 mm.
  • Light crushproof alloy steps with a non-slip surface: depth 200 mm.
  • Wide non-slip platform: depth 600 mm.
  • Rectangular tube uprights with rounded scratchless corners
  • Ladder inclination: 45°
  • 2 wheels for transportation like a “Wheelbarrow”
  • 2 Reinforced cross-beams placed at the front to be used as handles for practical movements.
  • Feet made in an non-slide synthetic material


On demand: The platform can be provided without handles and wheels but with ground fixing plates instead

On demand: Platform with an increased depth: 800, 1000, or 1200 mm.


Ideal, thanks to its versatility of use, for different industrial uses and for works where quick and easy movements of the ladder are required.

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