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Stege 7199

Double sided cross-over ladder on wheels with work platform and railing


  • Light non-deformable, non-slide alloy steps: Depth 200 mm.
  • Wide non-slip platform: Dimensions 800 x 600 mm.
  • Platform is provided with side toe blocks and removable regulation railings, 1 m, which are placed on both sides.
  • Double unilateral handrail which can be placed on either the left or the right side
  • Scratch-resistant rectangular tube frame with rounded corners
  • Ladder inclination: 55°
  • Large base stabilizer for a greater stability
  • 4 wheels Ø 125 mm. with brake, guaranteeing great mobility and safety
  • The wheels can be removed, allowing the mounting of the ladder to the ground


On demand: The ladder can be provided with self-deactivating wheels

On demand: leveling screw-in aluminum up to 25 cm.


Recommended for industrial maintenance works, especially in areas where there is little space.

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