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  • Skylift UPLIFT5


    • Lightweight 6061 aluminium is made 100%
    • Automatic closing access gate
    • Platform with non-slip surface aluminium dimensions cm. 68 x 48
    • N° 4 nylon wheels Ø 125 mm self-locking brake automatically when the platform is raised
    • 12 Volt GEL batteries with automatic battery charger from 6 Ah easily removable (9 kg)
    • Wireless remote control for operating the platform
    • Elevation through telescopic cylinder with electric actuator control (no plumbing)
    • Enter in the elevators and passes through doors
    • To lift you can dismantle the ballast (n° 4 pieces from 15 kg)
    • Total weight with batteries kg. 90
    • Total weight with batteries and weights kg. 154
    • Handle for handling at boost
    • User’s manual
    • Transportation Footprint mt. 1.10 x 1.84 x 0.68
    • Complies with national laws and D.L. 81 and certificate


    Enter in the elevators, go through the gates with a boost and is portable on stairs easily by one or two people.
    The purely electric lifting system allows you to reduce weight and simplicity of works ensures low maintenance costs.              
    Designed for various maintenance works, it can be used on construction sites, farms, warehouses, supermarkets, shops and offices.

  • Stege 1913


    • Vertical ladder with small work platform
    • Non-slip squared rungs, 30 x 30 mm,
    • Double-binded rung-beam connections
    • Height of 2nd section is adjustable, from rung to rung, through use of a professional winch with friction protection during the ascent and descent
    • Section locks into place by means of an automatic coupling system with anti-decoupling safety
    • Reduced work platform, 590 x 600 mm. with regulation protection railing
    • Rotating wheels Ø 200 mm. provided with brakes
    • Completely disassemblable robust zinc-coated steel base stabilizer, 2.60 x 0.78 m, provided with levelling screws to compensate for differences in height of up to 30 cm.
    • Adjustable base extenders on both sides
    • Foldable for storage
    • Obligatory testing: € 178,50 net + iva (VAT escluded)


    This type of ladder has been created to carry out small maintenance works.

    The features of this ladder allow easy movement because it is fixed onto a disassemblable zinc-coated steel base with levellers, rotating wheels and base extenders.

    The ladder can be passed through normal sized doors if folded onto its base.

    To use the ladder, it is necessary to put it in a vertical position then to lock it with the appropriate pins.

    Section extension occurs by means of an automatic winch, which regulates the height every 30 cm.

    At the tope of the base there is a small platform, 590 x 600 mm, with a protection railing which allows hands-free work.

  • Stege 5056


    • Wheeled mobile ladder with base stabilizer

    • Non-slip squared rungs, 30 x 30 mm.

    • Double-binded rung-upright connections

    • Height of the 3rd section is adjustable, from to rung to rung, through use of a tow rope in synthetic material.

    • Section lock off system which uses automatic hooks with anti-decoupling safety

    • Non-slip work platform, 260 x 400 mm.

    • Mobile ladder on rotating wheels Ø 200 mm. with brake

    • Completely disassemblable robust zinc-coated steel stabilizing base

    • Base provided with levellers which allow the ladder to overcome uneven terrain of up to 30 cm. and to stabilize the ladder in every working condition

    • Base adjustable scale for use alongside a wall

    • Ladder inclination 14°

    • Foldable for storage

    • Test Si.PREV 178,00 € netto


    On request : large leveling wheel on


    A ladder conceived specifically for carrying out tasks which require long period of time at great heights.

    This ladder has a solid and robust zinc-coated steel base provided with enlarged wheels and levellers which position and secure the ladder on every type of surface.

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