Aluminium Scaffolds

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Aluminium Scaffolds

Frigerio’s aluminium scaffolds are divided into two families. The ALUPONT system and the ITALPONT system both represent the most advanced technological solution available today on the market in this specific sector, planned to be quickly and easily set up, decreasing the risk of injuries and raising the safety of the operator during assembly and disassembly.

Upright beams with self-locking, non-extending connections!

The upright beams insert quickly and are self-locking due to the crushproof stainless steel binding clamps, which allow a quick and simple assembly of the vertical components, providing safety during the assembly and disassembly


Self-locking coupling cross-beam hooks

Linking the bars to the beams is particularly quick through the use of self-locking “hooks”.
The cross-beams’ hooks have been produced with aluminium die casting and are designed to withstand shocks without deformation and to prevent any accidental detachment.


Resistance like no other!

An increased beam thickness of 2 mm compared to the usual 1.5 mm.
This ensures the scaffold has robustness like no other, a greater ultimate strength, and the most secure durability throughout the years


Work platform offering the best safety for the worker!

Class 3 Work Platforms- Capacity 200 kg/m2
With a non-slip waterproof surface made from Finnish birches set up on a robust aluminium frame provided with a trapdoor and an efficient safety system against gusts of wind or accidental lifting.


Crushproof, non-marking Polyurethane pivoting wheels

UNI EN 1004 Certificate for various dimensions: Ø 125, 150, 200 mm
The wheels are fixed directly onto the telescopic legs with screws and they allow a perfect millimetric levelling on every surface type.
The levelling system on the wheels allows the maintenance of the elevation control during movements of the scaffold.