Fixed ladders with safety cage

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Fixed ladders with safety cage

Our Fixed ladders with safety cages are completely disassemblable and adaptable on the job. Composed of versatile parts which are adapted to multiple tasks and which provide a good and cheap solution for.

Machinery access, carrying out checks, maintenance and cleaning, climbing up chimneys, facades, roofs, silos, platforms, cranes etc.

Double binding of the rungs to the uprights!

Squared rungs, depth 30×30 mm, with a non-slip lining, are double binded to the ladder’s beams, which guarantees the maximum level of structural rigidness throughout the years.


Anchorage and protection components which are adaptable on the job!

Independent adjustable galvanised steel cramp-irons for every requirement.
Connection bands and structural aluminium cage rungs which are adjustable in the workplace.


Upper module provided with enlarged exit!

Upper module provided with enlarged exit handrail on both sides of the protection cage which carry on up to 1.1 metres from the exit point.


Separating module full complete protection?

Separating module and intervening side exits with 2 m protection cage.