Mini scaffold for hobby work ALUMINI

Dimensions 1.40 x 0.66 m
Total maximum height 1.79 m


Technical Features

  • Mini aluminium hobby scaffolding
  • Two tops in waterproof treated wood
  • Square rungs 30 x 30 mm non-slip and spaced every 28 cm joined to the upright with double edging inside and out
  • Quick coupling traverse elements with anti-detachment in strong rectangular profile 40 x 20 mm
  • Vertical uprights in strong rectangular profile 58 x 25 mm with round, non-cutting corners
  • With rapid opening self-supporting frame
  • With 2 wheels useful for rolling movement
  • Frigerio brand name and year of manufacture
  • Equpped with instructions for use    

ALUMINI is a mini scaffold designed to allow work to be simply, rapidly and efficiently performed indoors or on a flat surface. The horizontal cross-members are linked by means of a locking device allowing the scaffold to be rapidly assembled and used in safe conditions. The folding frame can be assembled immediately and with the greatest ease, while the wheels allow the scaffold to be pushed around like a wheelbarrow when both assembled and folded for storage.