Mini scaffold for hobby work ALUMIX

Dimensioni mt. 1,60 x 0,66
Ingombro base mt. 1,75 x 1,15
Altezza ponteggio mt. 2,94


Technical Features

  • Mini hobby scaffolding transformable in ladder
  • With 2 fixed wheels Ø 100 mm in black rubber useful for rolling movement
  • Square rungs 30 x 30 mm non-slip and spaced every 28 cm joined to the upright with double edging inside and out
  • Quick coupling traverse elements with anti-detachment in strong rectangular profile 40 x 20 mm
  • Vertical uprights in strong rectangular profile 58 x 25 mm with round, non-cutting corners
  • N 2 wheels Ø 100 mm. with rust-proof aluminium support
  • With double stabiliser base with adjustable extension for wall flanking use
  • Folding ladder elements with aluminium hinge
  • Frigerio brand name and year of manufacture
  • In accordance D.L.81 only with SCC KITDL81
  • Equpped with instructions for use  

ALUMIX is a mini-scaffold designed to function simply are efficiently.The horizontal cross-members and diagonal braces and linked together by a locking device allowing the scaffold to be quickly assembled and used in safe conditions.Extremely functional and versatile thanks to the different work positions, allowing use where the floor surface is at different heights and alongside walls. Can be converted into 2 separate all-purpose ladders or used with work platforms at different heights.