Mini scaffold for hobby work ALUTOP

Dimensions 1.60 x 0.66 m
Base measurement 1.70 x 0,75 m
Total maximum height 2.81 m


Technical Features

  • Mini ponteggio hobbistico in alluminio
  • Work platform in waterproof treated wood with passage trapdoor according to regulations
  • Square rungs 30 x 30 mm non-slip and spaced every 28 cm joined to the upright with double edging inside and out
  • Quick coupling traverse elements with anti-detachment in strong rectangular profile 40 x 20 mm
  • Vertical uprights in strong rectangular profile 58 x 25 mm with round, non-cutting corners
  • With rapid opening self-supporting frame
  • With 4 rotating wheels Ø 100 mm in black rubber for movement in all directions
  • Frigerio brand name and year of manufacture
  • In accordance D.L.81 only with SCC KITDL81
  • Equpped with instructions for use

Highly practical and light, making it a simple, fast and efficient work tool in indoor premises and on flat surfaces, for quick use and occupying little space. Connections of the horizontal and diagonal traverse elements using an anti-detaching device allows rapid assembly and safe use. The folding frame allows simple assembly and the 4 wheels with brake allow practical movement in all directions.