Personnel lifts PA PHC

Lifting height up to 12.00 m
Load capacity for 1 person up to 140 kg.
220 V electrical power supply


Technical Features

  • Certified for internal and external use with stabilisers and activation controls and emergency button on basket
  • Aluminium structure ensures the reduced weight and high load bearing capacity
  • Guaranteed rapid and simple assembly and with agile movement in indoor premises
  • Electro-hydraulic lifting using double chrome-plated piston and oil recovery pre-chamber
  • General locking key of the machine and correct parking sensors
  • With use and maintenance manual
  • Tested according to Italian and European legislation

A vertical lift offering high performance both indoors and outdoors, designed for elevated heights but particularly compact and with contained weight. Its very strong construction guarantees reliability over time. Made in Germany, it corresponds to the safety directives in force and is CE marked.

Technical Drawing

Accessories on Request