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Technical Features

With thirty years of experience in the production of special ladders, Frigerio Carpenterie is capable of providing its customers a "tailor-made" consultancy, identifying the best solution for every specific need.

Unlike many custom-made, handcrafted ladders, Frigerio ladders are constructed with the highest quality criteria in compliance with the current regulations, and can be tested, if necessary, by private Bodies.
Each type of product is accompanied by a warranty, an instruction booklet and an identification label.

  • Non-deformable steps made of aluminium profiles with anti-slip surfaces, depth 200 mm
  • Width of steps can be selected from 600 - 800 - 1000 or 1200 mm
  • Available with self-deactivating wheels, Ø 80 - 100 - 125 - 150 - 200 mm wheels with brake, or plates for fixing to the ground
  • Ladders that can be dismantled, constructed using a modular system based on screw connections between the ladder elements
  • The modular system allows replacement of the elements in case of repairs or modifications
  • Removable railings, hand rails and ergonomic knee level protection, height of railings 1100 mm
  • Capacity of use depends on the customer's needs
On request: Special steps with greater depth or width made of fret sheet aluminium with non-slip surface or aluminium grille, cantilevered platform or modular platform.
On request:   Customised climbing ramp inclination.
On request:   Additional processes like painting, anodisation, etc...

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