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New products
  • Alu-Laderampen RM


    Frigerio is pleased to offer a complete range of loading ramps heavy built entirely in special aluminum alloy type 6005 / A and 6082 designed to meet all the requirements for loading and unloading


    Frigerio wanted to focus on quality , offering well- designed products that meet the broader needs and implemented in accordance with the strictest reference DL81 Italian and European UNI EN 1398 : 2009 tested by TÜV GROUP 
  • Eisengerüste INDOOR


    • Rungs with deep non-slip lining placed every 27 cm between the uprights
    • Work platform positionable at intervals of 27 cm
    • Work platform with anti-wind protection
    • Work platform provided with trapdoor allowing the user to climb up from the inside and regulation toe boards
    • Terminal protective section
    • Completely disassemblable
    • Able to fold up like a pantograph to allow it to pass through doors
    • Secure and robust locking ratchets avoiding the use of bolts or screws
    • Product branding on every component
    • Silver coloured anti-rusting quality galvanizing
    • 4 wheels Ø 100 mm. with brakes


    Professional scaffold recommended for work in indoor environments, the reduced base dimensions permit passing through doors without disassembling the work platform.

    • The ladder component (optional) allows the user to work at greater heights.
    • The ladder component mounts easily to the base of the working section
    • To level the ladder out, make the telescopic tubes slide down and then lock them with the appropriate toggles.
  • Hobbygerüste ASSO


    • Mde of anodized aluminum anti-stain
    • Scale multipurpose support with stabilizing bases used as a loading plan 
    • Piolo framework mm. 30×30 with anti-slip surface
    • Platform birch wood treated with anti-slip and waterproof
    • Union of logs scale by means of hooks safe galvanized steel with anti-decoupling                  
    • Feet in plastic anti-slip
    • Packed in transparent plastic 


    A multifunctional tool, is shown in the hobby for all the work and „do it yourself“.

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