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échelles 6088 – 6088P

Mobile ladder with double base stabilizer and regulation WORK platform


  • Disassemblable cross-over ladder
  • Deep non-slip steps, 83 mm.
  • Boxed frame uprights, 80 x 23 mm.
  • Large WORK platform, 600 x 600 mm. with regulation toe boards, 150 mm.
  • Regulation safety railing, 1 m.
  • Handrails on both sides
  • Mounting plates for mounting the ladder to the ground (for product 6088 P.)
  • Base stabilizer on both sides
  • Frontal base with rubber wheels 125 mm
  • Feel made in a non-slide synthetic material(for product 6088)
  • Complies with the UNI EN 131-7  


Ladder tested against tipping: 30 KG. horizontal

Created for carry out industrial maintenance in a safe and practical way. A double sided ladder is doubly efficient! Always providing the best safety thanks to the regulation railings and to the double base stabilizers. Available without handles, but with mounting plates to allow the ladder to overcome fixed obstacles.

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