Access ladder for work sites AV60 - AV80

With variable height and inclination


Technical Features

  • AV60 Construction site ladder with 600 mm width
  • AV80 Construction site ladder with 800 mm width
  • Non-deformable alloy steps with non-slip surface:   depth 250 mm
  • Galvanised steel mounting plates provided at both ends of the ladder, can be anchored to the ground and/or upper floor
  • Removable handrail according to regulations 1 m. high with variable tilting, it automatically adapts to all ladder inclinations
  • Uprights made of sturdy rectangular-section tubing
  • Nuts and bolts for hinging steps made of rust-proof stainless steel
  • Self-lubricating nylon hinge washers for steps
  • Integrated anti-closure safety device with screw knob

Designed for safe temporary access or during level change in construction work sites easily or rapidly. The variable inclination allows to adjust the ladder to every heights with utmost precision. A very sturdy ladder which allows high capacities. Wide steps ensure maximum comfort for the foot and facilitate the transport of bulky equipment.

Technical Drawing