Aerial ladder 8010

Ladder for vehicle or tanker lorry maintenance
Platform height : Min 3,00 mt - Max 4,33 mt


Technical Features

  • In 100%, rust-proof aluminium 6061, it can be folded and dismantled for transport
  • Ample aluminium platform measuring 63 x 100 cm with non-slip surface with 15 cm footboard
  • Cantilevered protective cage in strong around profile Ø 50 mm with increased thickness of 2 mm, can be completely dismantled
  • Cantilevered protective cage with handrail joins and railing joints in aluminium
  • Platform lifts using steel cable on professional AL-KO winch with safety clutch that eliminates effort during extension and retraction, CE certified
  • Sections step with automatic pawl in steel that automatically locks or unlocks the extension of each rung
  • Strong base in rust-proof aluminium with rotating front wheels and fixed rear wheels
  • Ballast can be inspected and removed, composed of 4 concrete blocks 27 kg
  • Use and maintenance manual
  • Ballast overall weight 281 kg