Material lifts SOL LIFT

Max reachable height 23.80 m
Load capacity up to 199 kg.
220 V electrical power supply


Technical Features

  • Climbing ramp created completely in aluminium built of upright tubing in finned profile joined to square tubing spaced every 50 cm.
  • Robust connection between the various extension elements with reinforced bayonet coupling and locking using bolts and eyebolts
  • Lifting unit with 50 m steel cable winding with anti-loosening system of the cable
  • Lifting using monophase electric motor 230V/50Hz with 1.1 KW, absorbed power of 9A and speed of 25 m./min
  • Braking system composed of monophase electric gearmotor in oil bath with limit switch in ascent and descent.  
  • Compact sized control panel with three-command 24V activation keypad with electric cable measuring 3 m.
  • Compulsory cross piece supplied over 8 m. extension
  • Use and maintenance manual
  • CE certified

Lifts every type of materials, CE certified, Fall-prevention safety device with automatic stoppage in case rope breaks, Braking system with monophase electric gearmotor also indicated for removals, avoiding furniture kickback, Ideal for lifting photovoltaic panels

Accessories on Request