Household ladder EXTEL

Extending super-compact support with telescopic extension


Technical Features

  • Made of stain-proof anodized aluminium
  • 4 cm. deep step spaced at regular step of 30 cm.
  • Quality step joints made of reinforced polyurethane
  • Automatic locking of the steps with coloured green-red locking signal on both sides of the ladder
  • Finger crush-proof device with descent closure of the ladder with controlled air pressure
  • Closure of the automatic ladder using rapid release of a single button placed on the base rung
  • With closure belt for accidental anti-opening and integrated transport handle
  • With aluminium stabiliser base
  • Polystyrene packaging in finished cardboard box

A ladder capable of vast extension, but which can be closed in a few centimetres and easy and light to transport, in anodized aluminium, your hands won't get dirty, particularly indicated for electricians.

Technical Drawing