Professional ladder 3051N - 3060N

Rope extension rungs ladder in two or three sections with stabilizing base


Technical Features

  • Scala 3051 leaning ladder in two sections with rope
  • Scala 3060 leaning ladder in three sections with rope
  • 30 x 30 mm square-section non-slip rungs
  • Rung-vertical upright connection with double, internal and external edging
  • Ladder 3060 height adjusted by extension mechanism with double pulley and rope made of long-lasting balck textile
  • Height adjustable with a single rope for the extension and retraction of the ladder
  • The last section of ladder 3060 extends manually and the rope allows simultaneous extension of the two upper sections
  • Equipped with wheels for sliding on wall
  • Sections held in place by automatically coupled cast aluminium device with single rope
  • Stabiliser base with non-deforming calibrated aluminium rust-proof coupling allows easy assembly and dismantling
  • Strong heat-shrink wrapping 80 micron
  • Year of manufacture and manufacturer's trademark
  • Equpped with instructions for use

An accessorized leaning ladder, ideal for working at great heights. Equipped with extension mechanism featuring a practical, safe rope and tilting feet.
Compared to the two-section ladder, the three section version provides extra working height while the folded dimensions remain unchanged.

Technical Drawing

Accessories on Request