Professional ladder 1980-1980S

With regulation work platform and ANTI-TILTING certification


Technical Features

  • 30 x 30 mm square-section non-slip rungs connected to upright with internal and external edging
  • External rungs in special section metal with increased thickness for ultra-strong welds
  • Locking plugs to protect external rungs
  • Rung pitch reduced to 28 cm and 71° slant to provide maximum comfort when climbing ladder
  • Extension lock with nylon-covered steel hooks
  • Large regulatory work platform mm. 420 x 580 with toeboard di mm. 100
  • 1 m regulation perimeter safety rail
  • Large additional folding aluminium tool tray dimensions mm. 220x450
  • Wheels Ø 100 mm. on rust-proof aluminium brackets
  • Strong heat-shrink wrapping 80 micron
  • Year of manufacture and manufacturer's trademark
  • Equpped with instructions for use

An extremely sturdy work platform ladder with a generously-sized, safe work platform.
Telescopic extension allows the height of the platform to be adjusted and to adapt to even considerable differences in level, besides reducing the size of the ladder to the minimum when transported.
Adjustable outriggers allow the ladder to remain perfectly stable and comply with the anti-tilting tests required by the specific European standard for work platform ladders,

Technical Drawing