Professional Mini scaffold INDOOR

Base dimensions 1.60 x 0.67 m
Total maximum height 2.44 m


Technical Features

  • Rectangolar profile rungs mm 30 x 20 with deep non-slip scoring positioned every 27 cm between uprights
  • Sturdy tubing in Ø 38 x 1.5 mm steel section metal
  • Platform with trapdoor allowing user to climb up from inside, and regulation toe-boards
  • Can fold up in the "scissor" mode so as to pass through doorways
  • Upper section with complete protection
  • Safe, strong pawl locks. No bolts or screws to tighten
  • Silver-colour good quality rust-inhibiting galvanizing treatment

Professional mini scaffold recommended for indoor work. Reduced base dimensions allow it to pass through doorways without having to disassemble the platform.
The ladder component (optional) allows the user to work at significant differences in height, like indoor staircases.

Accessories on Request