Aerial ladder 1913

With rigid stabilizer base and work platform. Can be raised by winch


Technical Features

  • Vertical ladder with work platform. Height adjustable every 28 cm. Can be folded for storage
  • 30 x 30 mm square-section non-slip rung with rung-vertical upright connection with internal and external edging
  • Height adjustment from rung to rung using professional winch on steel cable with safety clutch
  • Sections held in place by automatic steel hooks with safety lock
  • 590 x 600 mm working platform with complete safety railing 1 mt height and access gate
  • Sturdy rigid base in galvanized steel. Can be completely disassembled. Equipped with 4 screw outriggers useful for well stabilizing on the ground
  • Adjustable stabilizing telescopic outrigger on both sides
  • N°4 Ø 200 mm. wheels Made in Italy with brakes and crush-proof polyurethane nucleus, anti-erosion
  • To use with specific P.P.E. planned (see GUIDELINE FOR RUNGED LADDERS + art. DPI BSCALA + harness with breastbone coupling DPI IMBRAGA2)
  • Year of manufacture and manufacturer's trademark
  • Booklet with instructions for use

A ladder designed to carry out works requiring elevated height interventions even long-lasting. Offers the possibility of quickly folding on itself in the rest position, to allow passage through standard sized doors. The strong, solid base, in galvanised steel, equipped with anti-overturning side stabiliser brackets and screw stabilisers allows positioning and securing the ladder on every type of ground.