Professional Scaffolds EUROPONT XS

Dimensions 1,60 x 0,80 m
Total maximum height 8,01 m


Technical Features

  • Made entirely in aluminium without nylon components to guarantee long reliability over time
  • Vertical uprights and traverse elements with pins and hands in aluminium with quick coupling with automatic locking
  • No additional ballast required
  • All the uprights have an integrated ladder with round rungs Ø 42 mm. rungs assembled on the vertical upright
  • Rungs positioned with a reduced step 25 cm. allowing maximum movement capacity of the surfaces and traverse elements
  • Auto-upright work platform with effortless assembly and surface in waterproof resin with non-slip relief
  • Wheels with crush-proof polyurethane core and support strip, non-marking certified EN1004
  • Year of manufacture and manufacturer's brand on each piece
  • Instruction, use and maintenance manual

The quick couplings with automatic locking and small dimensions of the scaffold guarantee simple, but more importantly very fast assembly. The modular structure allows adaptation to more difficult situations and use on slopes or uneven surfaces even of considerable size. The components are essential and compact to promote storage and transport with dimensions reduced to a minimum.

Accessories on Request