Mini scaffold for hobby work HOBBIT

Base dimensions 1.37 x 0.68 m
Total maximum height 1.75 m


Technical Features

  • Rectangolar profile rungs mm 30 x 20 with deep non-slip scoring positioned every 30 cm between uprights
  • Sturdy tubing in Ø 32 x 1.5 mm steel section metal
  • Uprights with wider base for improved stability and joints with anti-cut and shockproof edging
  • Self-supporting steel platform frame with standard plywood surface
  • 3 (three) Ø 18 mm steel braces
  • Can be pushed like a wheelbarrow by its 2 (two)
  • Ø 80 mm wheels
  • Silver-colour good quality rust-inhibiting galvanizing treatment
  • Safe, strong pawl locks. No bolts or screws to tighten
  • Heat-shrink wrapping
Ideal for housework. Practical and quick to disassemble and re-assemble. Can be stored in a very small space. Easy to manoeuvre even in the tightest spaces. Can be comfortably transported in any type of car.

Accessories on Request