Portable step-ladder 7060 - 7080

For access with a large platform


Technical Features

  • Step-ladder 7060 with 600 mm. wide ramp
  • Step-ladder 7080 with 800 mm. wide ramp
  • Non-deformable alloy steps with non-slip surface: depth 250 mm
  • Wide platform with non-slip surface: depth 600 mm
  • Platform equiped with toeboard 15 cm
  • Uprights made of rectangular-section tubing with rounded scratch-protection corners
  • N°2 wheels for transportation like a "wheel-barrow" 
  • Reinforcement crossbars, with retractable telescopic handles for pratical "wheel-barrow"  like movement
  • Feet made of non-slip synthetic material
  • With the addition of ground fastening plates, the ladder can be fastened to the ground
  • Ladder inclination: 45°

Technical Drawing

Accessories on Request