Personnel lifts PA ESTERIA

Lifting height up to 6.62 m
Load capacity up to 2 people max 280 kg
Electrical power supply 220V and battery 12V


Technical Features

  • Certified for internal use and outdoor environments with activation commands on basket
  • Compact and light to overcome slopes up to 35°, it fits in lifts and can be loaded on small vans
  • Agile EASY STEER movement in indoor premises allowing rotation on itself even on tight corners only 125 cm.
  • Always ready for use, no assembly required
  • Electrical lifting designed for hygienic or foodstuff environments, it is maintenance-free
  • With general locking key of the machine and control systems for capacity, tilting and anti-overturning
  • With acoustic alarms and flashing lights in start. lift and descent functions
  • Electric box on ground with diagnostic centre with control joystick to work form platform
  • With use and maintenance manual
  • Tested according to Italian and European legislation

A vertical self-propelled lift comfortably driven and braked from the basket, with a platform capable of elongating on both sides. It allows very quick work, increasing operator productivity and therefore reducing costs. Ultra-compact with reduced weight and minimum dimensions, it enters lifts and is ideal for building sites with reduced spaces and with limited floor load bearing capacity. Ideal tool for picking operations from warehouses or cleaning and maintenance, but also where steps, small holes or material residue are present thanks to its equipped safety systems for tilting and load bearing capacity, as well as having visual and acoustic alarms.

Technical Drawing

Accessories on Request