Professional Scaffolds EXPORT

Base dimensions 2.00 x 1.20 m
Total maximum height 16.05 m


Technical Features

  • Rectangular section rungs dimensions mm 40 x 20 with deel no-slip scorring installed every 30 cm allow each upright to be used like a real vertical ladder and to position the platforms and intermediate railings with the utmost ease
  • Sturdy tubing in Ø 45 x 1.5 mm steel section metal
  • Adjustable stabiliser brackets with double clamping arm for efficient adaptation to the ground and to guarantee safety during movements
  • Safe, strong pawl locks. No bolts or screws to tighten
  • High-density good quality rust-inhibiting galvanizing treatment
  • Frigerio brand name and year of manufacture on each scaffold
  • Manual containing assembly, use and disassembly instructions

The tower scaffold able to reach maximum operating heights and comply with all requirements while always guaranteeing optimum stability. The generously sized rigid rectangular base allows outriggers (optional) to be applied while the 2.40 m2 floor surface on each platform ensures ease of movement when working at heights. Long outriggers with double clamps allow the base surface to be adjusted and enlarged. Just add intermediate work platforms and railings and the scaffold conforms to European standard EN 1004 for non-anchored use.

Accessories on Request